Quicklight’s regular service visits help Southern Dental to control costs while improving its lighting.

Southern Dental is a leading dental business operating across a group of 80 NHS and private dental practices. Working to give its patients better oral and general health, it serves over 750,000 NHS patients. As well as supplying high quality general dental care, it also supplies specialist services both under the NHS and privately, as well as offering a variety of payment schemes.

Before working with Quicklight, individual dental surgeries within the group would have to wait for a number of lights to be faulty before they could arrange for an electrical contractor, in order to minimise costly call-out charges. This inconvenient arrangement meant that, on occasion, lights would be out of action for long periods of time, making areas dark and uninviting. This created less than ideal working conditions for the staff and left patients with a poor impression of the surgery.

The Quicklight solution

After reviewing its existing contractor’s services, Southern Dental Limited decided to switch to Quicklight for all 80 sites. Quicklight’s proactive eight-week service visits were the ideal solution to combat infrequent and expensive one-off call outs.

Immediately, Southern Dental Limited’s Head Office started to receive fewer calls and complaints about faulty lights. The fact that lights are now fixed or replaced swiftly, on a regular basis, means that lighting levels are improved for patients and staff. The practices now offer a much more appealing environment to have treatment carried out in.