EICR Fixed Wire Testing

It is the responsibility of a business owner or building operator to stay on top of all electrical requirements, making sure they comply with several EICR regulations; failure to do so could lead to fines, bad press and even prosecution. Read more in our blog.

In an EICR report, faults and non-compliance issues are coded depending on their severity. C1 represents immediate danger, C2 highlights a potentially dangerous condition and C3 is where safety improvements are recommended to meet current regulations.

How can Electriql help?

Electriql’s testing, installation and maintenance service takes care of potential risks and manages work required to ensure legal requirements are met. Electriql will:

  • Produce a schedule and estimate the time involved to complete the work
  • Carry out the work with minimum disruption
  • Obtain certification and issue an EICR once testing is complete
  • Carry out remedial repairs required to become fully compliant and meet legal requirements

Contact us to discuss any EICR installation and maintenance requirements or concerns. Call 0800 9175 721 or email [email protected]