MAXX Design is a creative communication agency working with UK and International high growth organisations to deliver marketing materials in both in print and via website and digital communications.

The company had outgrown its existing offices and recently moved to more spacious, refurbished accommodation in the centre of Newbury. Despite having a complete makeover, which resulted in impressive custom-designed offices, staff were struggling to work with the lighting, which had not been replaced in the refurb. 


Quicklight visited the offices and recommended upgrading the lighting from the old fluorescent lights with 62 sleek 37w LED Panels plus eight 10w external lamps.  The work was completed over a day and a half with minimum disruption to the client and all old equipment removed and fittings were made good. The client’s emergency lighting was also changed to LED to make the offices complaint with the Health and Safety at Work Act.


The whole workplace is much improved by fresh, natural light; crucial for colour matching and detailed work. The installation also came with a five-year guarantee and a proposed energy saving of 69%, which means the work will pay for itself in 2.3 years.

The new lighting has made a tremendous difference to our working environment – we are working with consistent near-natural light which not only helps our designers but lifts the whole mood in our lovely new offices. 

We were getting rather fed up with the flickering tubes and having to replace about 1 per week – not only inefficient, but also disruptive and annoying. The work done by Quicklight means we have benefited our staff, helps to create the right impression with our clients but has also makes a significant cost-saving for the company. 

We are also doing a little to help the planet with a carbon saving of 7.66 tonnes.

Thanks to Quicklight for a brilliant job!

Catherine Jenkins, Director of MAXX Design