Thermal Imaging

Facilities Managers and business owners have a responsibility to ensure that all electrical wiring complies with regulations to maintain a safe working environment for employees. Failure to comply with these regulations, specifically the EICR, can lead to heavy fines and at its most serious – prosecution.

Key benefits

Accidents and injuries can occur because of overloading, deterioration or damage that may appear in electrical installations over time. ElectriQL uses thermal image inspection to detect ‘hot spots’ before they become a major problem.

Thermal Imaging has several benefits including:

  • Converting heat into an electrical signal to display differences in temperature as a visible light
  • Clear visibility with brighter lights showing a warmer temperature and lower light showing cooler temperatures
  • Visualising problem areas that the untrained eye can’t pick up
  • Ability to work out a problem and resolve it efficiently
  • Lack of disruption to work environments


ElectriQL uses thermal imaging to spot a wide range of electrical faults including:

  • Issues with fuse panels
  • Faults in transformers
  • Damaged electrical equipment and sockets
  • Load imbalances
  • Corroded connections

To find out how we can help run thermal imaging to test your equipment contact us by calling 0800 9175 721 or emailing [email protected]