OSRAM calls on Quicklight for new trial installation

Quicklight needs a regular supply of good quality lamps for its customer’s lighting maintenance programmes and has been working in partnership with key lighting suppliers such as OSRAM, Phillips and GE for many years.

Recently, OSRAM called on the installation services of Quicklight to help them with a trial project for a major UK supermarket chain. The on-going project is looking at large-scale energy and maintenance savings, which involved the specification and installation of OSRAM’s freezer case LED lighting.

"Both parties had to work through the night to ensure that the project was completed as efficiently as possible,” said Tim Higgs, National Account Manager for OSRAM. “It was a pleasure to work alongside the Quicklight team, who had to be quite creative at times to ensure our products where shown to their full potential within the existing chiller units and without causing any disruption to night shift operatives.

"We understand that retailers need to minimise the disruption caused by new installations, so we were both more than happy to send in a team over night,” said Richard McCabe, Commercial Director at Quicklight. “We have enjoyed working in partnership with OSRAM’s research and development team to help achieve the best possible results for the trial and we look forward to working together on similar projects.”