Why choose QL Group for your electrical compliance work?

The importance of compliance can’t be ignored. The workplace focus on regulations and compliance has intensified recently with the risk of heavy fines and bad press increasing.

There are a number of ways that you can ensure that you are fully compliant and ElectriQL can help with many of these including emergency lighting, fire alarm, compliance and fixed wire testing. Companies have to provide evidence that testing has been completed every 5 years which leads to many businesses mass testing everything when the deadline comes up. Not only is this not the most reliable method from a safety point of view, but it can also be a very costly way of doing things.


ElectriQL has a process that allows us to check at least 20% of electrical installations or circuits every year, meaning we can identify what has or hasn’t been done and complete the work in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We will:

  • Simplify the process

  • Provide excellent value for money

  • Hold all your certification in one place

  • Perform any remedial work if necessary

  • Spread payments across the 5 years

  • Send your certifications to you electronically when required


First Group is a leading transport group, operating in the UK, North America and other international locations. Running an organisation of this size requires robust facilities and working environments. Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that all electrical systems are tested on a regular basis so that they remain in a safe condition and comply with current regulations.

Back in late 2015 ElectriQL won a contract to provide electrical testing services across 167 FirstGroup bus stations and depots across the UK. We carried out electrical installation condition reports (EICR) utilising thermal imaging cameras and delivered any remedial work required as a result of the tests.

Since the contract was won ElectriQL has gone through all the remittal work, made sure everything meets standards and regulations, provided all supporting certificates and documentation on-time and effectively delivered the testing needed for such a large organisation.

David Seaton, FirstGroup’s Property Projects Manager said of the relationship between ElectriQL and First Group;

The communication and working relationship between the two companies has been fantastic and made what could have been a monumental challenge smooth and efficient. Our overall strategy is to leverage the scale and breadth of our global expertise for the benefit of local markets. By enabling ElectriQL to handle our facilities has meant we are able to concentrate on this, the area of the business we are most passionate about.


Contact us today to discuss any compliance requirements or concerns you may have. You can also call 0800 917 721 to find out more about our other services or email [email protected]

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