A stunning result for Antony Gudgeon

ElectriQL is thrilled to announce that after a great deal of hard work, commitment and determination, our Finance Manager Antony Gudgeon has passed his ACCA qualification! We are incredibly proud of this achievement and delighted to also announce that Antony has been promoted to ‘Associate Director of Finance’ with immediate effect.

We sat down with Antony to discuss his studies, as well as ElectriQL’s input and what the future holds. As Antony explains;

“Reaching this point has been a long but incredibly rewarding process. When I approached ElectriQL about furthering my studies I had already gained my entry level AAT qualification which I’d self-funded a few years previously. I knew however that in order to get to the next step and achieve my ACCA qualification I would need the support of ElectriQL. Luckily for me, Richard and the team have created such a supportive and open environment, I knew I could approach the company to discuss how we could work together to reach this next step”.

As ElectriQL’s Managing Director Richard McCabe goes on to explain;

“To be honest we were delighted to be given the opportunity to support Antony by funding his studies and allocating days to his exams. He has always been a dedicated and hardworking member of staff and this qualification gives us the opportunity to work together and enhance the finance department. We are a growing business and Antony’s commitment to the company and new qualification means we can put the financial processes in place to meet the demands of this growth and deliver a clear and concise service to our clients”.

Antony echoed Richard’s excitement for the future, stating;

“My studies have opened my eyes to areas of this industry I hadn’t seen before, especially when it comes to areas such as tax advice and problem solving. I was also really lucky to have our Company Secretary Mike Young mentor me when studying these areas. We’ve been able to put what I’ve learnt into practice and that practical experience in a real working environment has been incredibly valuable to my studies”.

14 exams need to be passed to achieve this qualification and many studying for it find time management challenging. As Antony explains;

“This process essentially took over my life for the last few years! However, the fact that ElectriQL funded the course meant I didn’t have to take on a second job and I will always be grateful for that. Waiting for exam results would always be daunting but Richard was always there asking how I was getting on and checking whether I needed anything. When the results came he was always the first person I wanted to tell”.

Not only did Antony pass all his exams, he passed them all first time, a very rare and impressive feat! As Richard explains;

“The global pass rates for some of the later units are as low as 28% so what Antony has achieved really can’t be understated. We are incredibly proud and I personally can’t wait to collaborate with him on future projects. He has been instrumental in building efficient and robust systems within our finance department and as ‘Associate Director of Finance’ will be able to continue and further build upon this work. We have a young management team that has had to grow quickly but with that pressure comes innovative ideas and huge commitment”.

Antony himself was especially keen to express his gratitude to ElectriQL and the team;

“Everyone here has been brilliant. I want to thank everyone, especially Richard for helping me financially, but more importantly emotionally through this – it was definitely a marathon and not a sprint, and Richard was there at every drinks stop to give me a boost!  As discussed Mike Young was also a brilliant mentor over the last couple of years, he has a wealth of experience and I feel very lucky to be able to benefit from that”.

With a brilliant team behind us, we are very excited about the future of ElectriQL - more on that in the New Year!

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