A new name for an ever-changing industry

A message from Managing Director Richard McCabe


I am thrilled to reveal that from March 1st 2021, we will launch our new company trading name: ELECTRIQL

The reason I am so excited about this change is because this new name truly represents the ethos of the company and the work we undertake. Everything we do is electrical, whether it be testing, installation or lighting works, at the core of this company is a team of electrical engineers that service over 10,000 sites across a broad range of sectors and all areas of mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

One of the things I am most proud of is the longstanding and highly valuable relationships that we have built with our clients. Most of these clients may think of us with different names - older lighting maintenance clients will think of us as Quicklight whilst newer Compliance customers will know us as QL Group. We are still the same dedicated group of people but we just needed an identity that truly reflects where we are now and captures how the sector is evolving.

Last year we began the process of looking for a new company trading name and logo that united the services and support that we offer all our customers. This industry is constantly adapting and changing and we felt it was vital to create an identity that represented the evolving nature of our business and to better describe the work we do.

When our discussions led us to the name ELECTRIQL I fell in love with the quirky spelling, which made me smile and the fact that it summarised our businesses so succinctly, whilst retaining a nod to our heritage with the use of QL. The name quickly evolved into a new logo which retains the yellow and blue colours so synonymous with our brand and features an infinity device that represents the complete cycle of support and service that we offer our clients.

This industry has seen some difficult times recently and not just during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Evolving rules and regulations have changed the way people think about compliance plus the impact of modern technology on sectors such as retail and construction has developed the approach to lighting and other electrical works. However, thanks to a dedicated team and a willingness to invest in both people and technology, ELECTRIQL is a growing business and stronger than ever.

As with any branding change it will take time for everything to be update, but I can’t wait to roll out this new identity and look forward to further exciting developments as the future unfolds. I am beyond proud of the achievements of my colleagues and friends at ELECTRIQL and can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you want to speak to us about any electrical issues that your business is experiencing please contact us by calling 0800 917 5721.

Our offices are open and our engineers are out there, nationwide.  

See you soon,

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