COP26 and ElectriQL

In the wake of a some would say, controversial, COP26 we spoke to Managing Director, Richard McCabe about the impact the discussions at COP26 will have on the electrical industry at large as well as the sustainability efforts already being made and planned for by ElectriQL…

How do the outcomes of COP26 affect the electrical industry as a whole?

The whole COP26 event created a great deal of conversation within our industry and the need to increase the electrical infrastructure in the UK to deal with the emergence of electric vehicle chargers and the move away from Fossil Fuels towards more sustainable energy. In particular, with our customers around the need to invest in Air Source Heating (and Ground Source Heating) which would put an increased load on their existing electrical circuits all of which could be mitigated by installing energy-saving LED lighting to compensate for any increase.

What do you view ElectriQL’s social responsibilities are towards COP26?

It is important for ElectriQL as a business to support our customers and ensure we are up to date with all possible energy saving options and improvements that relate directly to electricity. It is also important for us to look at ways that we can be efficient in delivering our service, by improving logistics and reducing travel, looking at more efficient vehicles and ensuring our Head Office is as efficient as possible.

What can you offer homes and businesses to help them contribute to a greener environment? Are there any specific products or services that can help with this?

There are obvious ones like LED Lighting and Smart Controls, and there are others that we are working on like heating systems with strategic partners.

What changes have already been made in recent years?

LED lighting has become the preferred option for most of our customers, not just with full re-fits but also when making repairs as most of our replacement fittings and lamps are now LED.

What changes will ElectriQL be making over the coming weeks, months and years?

We will be working closely with manufacturers, suppliers and strategic partners to increase our offering with the objective of ensuring the most efficient use of electricity.

What can individuals be doing at home, at work and in society to make a difference electrically?

At home, make sure that any energy used is done so efficiently, try to use smart controls to manage fossil fuel usage. You could install energy-efficient lighting which in a lot of cases is just a case of changing the lamp for an LED equivalent. Ensure your homes are insulated to reduce wasted energy leaving the home.

If your business needs support improving the efficiency of your lighting and electrical elements why not get in touch with the team at ElectriQL? Servicing over 80 clients including some of the UK’s largest retail groups we have you covered. Simply email [email protected] or call our dedicated helpdesk on 0800 917 5721

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