Animal lover Gina started working at Quicklight as an Office Junior and swiftly progressed to join the help desk team as a Customer Liaison Coordinator. On the help desk, Gina is the helpdesk Supervisor, coordinating daily jobs and providing support for the engineers and customers. She loves working as part of the team and because she is known as ‘the sensible one’, she often acts as ‘Mum’. 

Gina has plenty of experience working with animals, and enjoys horse riding and looking after her pets in her spare time. Gina has downsized her animal collection recently, so now, as well as her horse, Homer, she only has a dog called Jack, a cat called Flo, a rabbit called Honey and a bearded dragon called Archie!

"Quicklight is a great place to work. It feels like one big family – you always have someone to talk to and assist you in any situation."

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