QL Group: The Power of Two

A new name 

As you may already be aware we recently announced our new branding and name change, now operating under ElectriQL, which is comprised of both ElectriQL for lighting services and ElectriQL for compliance services. As our Managing Director Richard McCabe explained in the announcement blog

“Over the last decade, the compliance side of our business has grown from strength to strength. By investing in our engineers and the latest mobile technology we have been able to ensure that we can offer our clients a wide range of services including thermal imaging, EICR fixed wire testing and fire alarm testing and maintenance. 

The reality is this name change doesn’t affect the day-to-day running of the business in any way. Lighting maintenance is still a core service for our business and our clients will still receive a high level of customer service they have become accustomed to. We are simply acknowledging the role compliance has within the business and re-aligning our brand to reflect the services the business is now able to offer.”

Continuing the great service from ElectriQL 

So what do ElectriQL and ElectriQL offer? ElectriQL’s lighting maintenance service is simple and cost-effective. We provide a regular 4, 8 or 12 weekly visits on our pioneering ‘pay as you go’ business model. The ultimate aim to use regular visits to reduce the need for ad hoc maintenance visits. We aim to provide a ‘first-time fix’ as our highly-trained engineers are able to complete most jobs on the spot.

Our work with GE is a great example of this. GE provides some of the world’s largest retailers with innovative, low energy solutions for in-store lighting. As Joanne Martin, GE’s General Manager – Strategic Accounts – Europe explains; 

“When we’re solving lighting challenges for our clients, we need to work with partners that fully understand our customers' expectations and are flexible enough to adapt while on site, to deliver the best possible tailor-made solution. ElectriQL’s engineers do a great job at engaging with our clients, letting them know exactly what’s involved and doing their best to minimise disruption – this is really important, especially as some installations occur during the working day. 

A wide range of services from ElectriQL 

When it comes to compliance, ElectriQL is able to offer clients a range of services including EICR thermal imaging, fire alarm installation, emergency lighting and a range of testing, installation and maintenance. The focus on the importance of regulations and compliance has intensified with the risk of heavy fines and bad press increasing. ElectriQL can help reduce this risk by making companies fully compliant. 

Our work with FirstGroup bus stations and depots is a great example of this. Back in late 2015, we won a national contract to provide electrical testing services across the 167 bus stations and depots under the FirstGroup banner. Back in 2015, our engineers carried out electrical installation condition reports (EICR) utilised thermal imaging cameras and completed any remedial work required as a result of the tests. Since then we have gone through all the remittal work, made sure everything meets standards and regulations, delivered all supporting certificates and documentation on-time and discovered and addressed the testing requirements you’d expect for such a large organisation. 

David Seaton, FirstGroup’s Property Projects Manager was thrilled with the work undertaken, stating; 

“Given the scale of our operations, finding a supplier that was able to strategically work through the work required with the right expertise and the first-class capabilities was vital. I am thrilled to say that ElectriQL has well and truly delivered in this area. The communication and working relationship between the two companies has been fantastic and made what could have been a monumental challenge smooth and efficient”. 

We are incredibly excited about the future, our engineers across both ElectriQL and ElectriQL are trained, motivated and committed to delivering lighting and compliance services that make a difference to our clients. 

Contact us to discuss any lighting or maintenance requirements. Call 0800 9175 721 or email [email protected]

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